Bookbag Full Of Weed lyrics


Rylo Rodriguez

Trillo Beats, you did it again

[Rylo Rodriguez]
Street n*gga, you know thugs need love too
I know that you're loyal, they can't judge you
I go buy some jewelry 'fore I judge you
Crazy, I still be wantin' to f*ck you when I f*ck you
Too many broken promises
Them hoes sick, we make 'em vomit
Hit from the back, girl, come here, stop all that runnin'
f*ckin' like we on curfew, want me to come in
But I cannot give you all my time 'cause it's money
And you're a reflection of me
You keep your .9 on you, I'll keep my .40 on me
n*ggas play and it's smoke behind you, like you was wearing a bookbag full of weed
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