Nothing lyrics


Daniel Di Angelo

Listen, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
I have been searching
All through this morning for all the glory
You told me stories that I can't ignore
What are we here for?
Tell me this hurt me so much i'm so blury
My lines are curvy
Woke up so early
And I can't help but to tell you, you're my only, Even though I don't mean it
Even though I dont feel it
Even though it just hurt when I try to reveal it
I want the healing sexual feeling
Every time you wake me up with you're healing hands on my sheets and bed
I want everything that you gavе to him
I want harder and harder my life has no bordеr I can't understand what you made of
I want that angel, I want that halo
I wanna-, I can't-
I'm so thankful for what I've gotted
For I'm not him, strength of my conscience
Has got rid of nonsense
Now it's not haunted but you're becoming, but you're becoming so strong over nothing, nothing over nothing
You gave me all you're nothing, nothing
I want nothing
I want nothing
I want nothing
I want nothing
Yeah, huh, huh, huh

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