KO (Homerton)

"No Respawning"


They tell lies on the internet, how many guys got dipped and cheffed?
Talk is cheap, I walk with heat with 1.5 and this Smith & Wess'
Fill up the clip, go and corn him, blow mans wig, no respawning
My paigons so appalling, on the opp block, loads of touring
Them man wet, why do I beef them? I don't know If I ever be even
Won the Golden Boot this season, I might get round there for no reason
Long pump in the car like I'm filling up pety
I aim that wap and I close my eyes, now I'm looking like Fetty
In the jailhouse doing up free flow, f*ck feds, they gotta let me go
Like Takeoff, Offset and Quavo
My n*ggas ain't rolling with shanks no more, we're sliding doors and [?]
My young boys go when I say so, [?] J Cole
Passenger side of my best friend's ride, f*ck off skeng in the car
If I get nicked with it, [?] charge
Had a long pump in the side of the car but I weren't putting petrol in
All the opp blocks been overdosed like they took too much medicine

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