Outta My Mind [prod. JiggaXi] lyrics



Damn Jig this go dumb

They say I’m outta my mind I might have been
Felt all them times, I felt all them times
I felt all them times to try again
This sh*t tiring
Wassup with all the entitlement
My story inspiring
I made that sh*t work
And I came from the dirt
And I did all of that just by flowering
My people is who I’m empowering

[Verse 1]
Better watch out for bro he gone fire it
I got some cash for my bro Imma wire it
Had to switch up the environment
Stuck in the hood everyday I got tired of it
Wrote this sh*t down ain’t no diary
Bro had stop coming around and it bothered me
Come from thе town where it’s nothing but murders and robbеries
n*ggas just hungry and trynna eat
[?] Hate won’t be trenches but sometimes you gotta be
She said the next time we f*ck can we do it no condom
And I told her her I would see
[?] You something b*tch I’m bout to see said she gone bring her friend
And I told her that’s fine with me
n*ggas making it where they don’t gotta be
[?] And I’m really out there I don’t try to be
And I take n*ggas girls got em by the leash
7 I hope n*ggas trynna be
Told her let’s link but I don’t go on dates
If you want you could come and get high with me
Thinking of that one time we drove to Atlanta I took all the guys with me
Made a right I think somebody followed me
Live my life no regrets no apologies
n*ggas making it where they don’t gotta be
I’m out of this world and I’m out of reach
[?] Look I learned all you got to teach
In the jungle I rather be—wait, come on
In the jungle I rather be by the beach
And I’m breaking it dawg if I got a piece
We all gotta eat
I ain’t faking it dawg so who hot as me
n*ggas ain’t hot as me
Okay let’s go back to by the beach
Cellphone is out of reach
She hungry she want some Bahama Breeze
j*rk wings, rice, and beans
[?] Took my lil west b*tch to buy some things
But moved on to nicer things
My dawg got a beam he’ll snipe ya mane
So please don’t get hyper mane

[Verse 2]
I had to fight through all type of pain
Been through all type of things
Knowing bad luck dawg I had to feel the rain
I had to feel the rain
And I felt it it poured and it pour
Never selfish I always gave more
I felt helpless trynna get through the door
Speeding I’m driving reckless trynna get through the
Speeding I’m driving reckless and I need to slow
Think I really need to slow down
Everything come and go now
I’m the n*gga who gone hold down
All my n*ggas when it goes down
[?] Say my thing we on the road now
G-Wagon when we roll round
Put my family in a hotel
Feel my family when it goes down
Make sure that you keep a pole 'round
Ain’t no telling how it goes down
Serving we was in a old crown
Look at us we in a rolls now
Come with different flows and it be stupid
They ain’t give me props until I proved it
[?] Used to sell it tried it now I use it
Anybody who played they part include em
Included on this journey with this music
Can’t lie n*ggas hurt me while they do it
Everyday I’m chasing I’m pursuing
Different b*tches texting what you doing
All these b*tches sexy and they foreign
YSL my t-shirt cause it’s warm
n*ggas beg for features cause I’m on
n*ggas had them beakers in the room
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