My life is over everything I’ve done drowning under water thinking who i am, I feel so numb I don’t feel a thing I’m so sick and tired of being who I am

I’m just not enough crying out for help but this isn’t an act my pain is real I feel worthless what did I become I think I’m going insane

I’ve been broken is like ’ why you always think i spit my pain on these tracks’ because I’m running from myself I write this shi to relax maybe I was made in somebody’s imagination listen you don’t know me you’re not in my situation there’s things going on that need examination I lost certain things that will never be restored everybody leaves me my life’s an open how do I survive in the eye of storm how can I forget everybody’s hurt look around for the edifice suicide is something that’s becoming too repetitive do I got the will to keep going that’s a negative (yeah that’s a negative it’s a negative) (f*ck it i can’t keep going no more)

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