Misdemeanor lyrics


Tae Retro

[Intro: Your Stepdad]
Ayy, ayy, haha
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Your Stepdad]
She tryna bunny hop on my ding-a-ling, b*tch, wait in line
Stop tryna hit me up in my DM if you wasting time
You need to dig inside of your bag, don’t try to take from mine
What just came from mind, cracking your mama, that’s my favorite line (Ayy)
Every day, somehow, bread fall in my lap, then I go broke again
Only way all my secrets get revealed is 'cause my closest friends
You gotta watch your back, she got a knife, I think she closing in
Might as well f*ck her homie, the way they act, they gon' be close again
Huh, you can say it’s different strokes for different folks
I just f*cked this Christian b*tch, I got her singing different notes
She came out of Michigan, she say I rap like Lil Boat
Sent her back to Michigan, she lowkey look like Richard Price
Ayy, cold-blooded baby as a—damn
Cold-blooded n*gga as a baby, I got dipped in ice
Linked up with this Asian bop, her kitty-kat was dipped in rice
Take her out them Billie jeans, I beat it right like Mr. Mike

[Verse 2: Tae Retro]
Posted with Your Stepdad, not no father figure
When they ask me about the comp’, you are not considered
Don’t ask the hoes about Tae ‘cause they sad and bitter
A n*gga tried to throw the ones with me, he is not no stripper
n*ggas swear they real, but that’s not what they advertising
Heard you ain't winning, boy, you need to start capitalizing
Never speak on plans, Tae Retro, I be strategizing
n*gga tried to throw a problem at me, we simplified it
Heard you tried to slide and got left in a bad condition
Heard you had hoes, why you caught in the act of simping?
It’s kinda crazy how these n*ggas dying over Twitter mentions
And these hoes tell, so I'll never cuff a London Tipton
You the type to—alright, hold on
You the type to talk about somebody, but don’t know yourself
Said you want a free what? You done hoed yourself
n*ggas rap about it all day but don’t know no well
[Verse 3: Your Stepdad]
Ayy, spoked that on my name—uh, damn
Ayy, spoked that on my name ‘cause I rap better than his favorite rapper
One night with his hoe, scream my name, she gon' change it after
Told her that she don’t like you, but she like me, that’s my favorite actor
Ayy, n*gga, trust, I really know n*ggas that can get it busting
You look like the type of n*gga who would f*ck around and kiss your cousin
Call up that boy easy for that dagger, we can split your muffin
Know I can’t be vibing on the FaceTime ‘cause I’m busy dubbing
b*tch, I feel amazed
If I ain’t sleep, I’m prolly somewhere getting paid
That’s why you broke and pressing b*tches to get laid
They throwing shots at me, but I still ain’t get grazed, n*gga
Go work on your aim, n*gga

[Verse 4: Tae Retro]
Everything I do is so creative, can’t be duplicated
Every time I drop, they like, “Who made it?” Retro really the greatest
I can’t even chill after I made it, never be complacent
Me and money, something that’s adjacent, I’m just being patient
Hopping over beats, that’s just my form of meditation
Could teach you how to get it, this could be your education
Tryna crack it like a code, I ain’t here for all the dating
Yeah, I might bend, but Tae Retro never breaking

[Outro: Tae Retro]
Ha, Tae Retro, Tae Retro
Hold on, Tae Retro
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