Abbey Glover

"This Is What Heartbreak Feels Like"

[Verse 1]
Remember those winter nights
Telling each other how we couldn’t love another
'Cause it wouldn't feel right, wouldn't feel right
How you'd say I was the prettiest of them all
How you'd never make me feel sad or be cruel
Didn't stop you sleeping with her that night

It feels like someone pulls you heart out of your chest
Throws it and burns it until there's nothing left
But memories of the one you love so dearly
Everything you see brings you straight back to them
You'd do anything to get them out of your head
Even for one night just one night, just one night

[Verse 2]
At first I blamed myself for it all
Thinking I'd done something wrong
But I couldn't of given you more
You didn't have to say
You'd love me forever
Or that you'd never leave my side
Not lying to my face would've been better
It would've avoided the rivers I've cried
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