"Morley’s Freestyle"

Aight cool
Come on
Album's done
Tickets for the tour out now
Man's just having fun quickly, you don't take this too seriously
Play Dirty, you know what it is, listen

True stories, leave man red like Morley's
Why dem man tryna war me?
Ain't dem man like 40?
True stories, leave man red like Morley's
Why them man tryna war me?

Ain't dem man like 40?

Look, 3, 2, 1
How many different ways can I tell man to suck their mum?
That's suck your mum from Area 51
Platinum songs, you ain't got one
That kicks off, you ain't got gun
Pass me a zoot, pinch of the rum
That gyal cute, pinch on the bum
Yeah, whole gang deh deh
Came with a few Marlys, and I don't mean reggae
Big Aitch on the belt, dem man ain't ready
Hundred racks on jewelry, then I thought, nah tomfoolery
So I did 6 figure investments, I'm a big man, now do ventures
But still got gang on the guestlist, and I still got man that'll press this
And I still got, and I still got, more money than all of my exes fathers
f*ck them man and their daughters
Stamp on your face in Pradas
Punch in your face by Kone
Get wrapped by the business partners (Facts)
Weasel, and the suttin' in the bag is illegal
I got white boys, that are evil
Hold up your wifey, alright Treacle
And you know them man got a new gun
You little c*nt, they'll tear you a new one
We all bleed, we all Human
But I'm bloodclart richer than you man
Look, and I'm with some young G's
They're some asbos, where you coming from?
They said straight out the bando
Wanna try your luck, better know how this can go
If you wanna look inside a bag, that's a rambo
Fast lane, 0 stops
You're a trapstar, 0 crops
Man get slapped in their face when P's O'd
Man get PO boxed
Bachand, did kinda well for a black man
Come a long way from the trap fam
Swallowing dots like Pac Man
What's that fam?
I text your girl, late at night
But my name saved as Chinese takeaway
Boyfriend phone on a hype so I replied
Somebody order egg fried rice
Man better show the respect my guy
Man get 1 to the chest my guy
Still got some for the rest my guy
Man talk sh*t, man get muay thai
Do dirt jump in the sauna
Bro got a Smith, no Jorja
Ain't on sh*t, you're a talker
Black boy, come 'round the corner
Man start bursting bubbles
Man's girlfriend wants trouble
Me Kone battery your girl, had her screaming our
Call that D Double, wait, or call that Dsquared
My man's girlfriends actually shared
f*ck them man they're actually, f*ck them man they're actually weird
(Oh sh*t) Oh sh*t, bro just let off the whole clip
Man just lock off the whole strip
Tell them man there don't slip
Look, I heard your tape again
Said you're gonna buss your leng
On track 7, 8, 9, and 10
'Low it, you ain't gonna buss no skeng
Heard a thousand lies, man heard a thousand crimes
Don't talk to me 'bout P's
Man spent a thousand a thousand times
Blud, you do the math
Blud, you do the math
Wait, please don't love like you do the crash
Yeah, 13 reasons why I got grands in the safe
Give me 13 reasons why I shouldn't punch my man in the face
Got a radio show on Beats G, and I got a show on the TV
Plus mandem got a restaurant
Or a PD party my GG
I guess I'm the go to now, yeah, guess I'm a mogul now
Man make money in different ways
Ain't even gotta lay a vocal down
Big man, now I make boss moves
Part of my team, then I got you
Why's my man got a bally on ?
Rudeboy take off your costume

True stories, leave man red like Morley's
Why dem man tryna war me?
Ain't dem man like 40?
True stories, leave man red like Morley's
Why them man tryna war me?
Why dem man tryna war me?
Ain't dem man like 40?

Aight, Play Dirty
Come on G, you know what it is man
Big up all the mandem deya
Make sure you get tickets to the tour
Album's coming any second now, yeah?
Album's done, we're ready
Man's just having fun, don't take this too seriously

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