"Rap Phenomenon"

This is New York
You know what the f*ck goin' on
We in Bushwick we in Crown Height we in Queens
We're everywhere n*gga
We in all the stores (We in all the stores)
This is New York

[Verse 1: Christ Dillinger]
You were already made aware
On the block serving [?]
So you know the money old
Put the pressure on em n*gga
So you know he gonna fold
Woah, behold, the way i tot 'em poles, n*gga better dig a hole
Rob or be robbed sell or be sold to
Four fives catch a pus*y n*gga
And expose you
If you disrespect my set
We ain't finna call troops
b*tch its too late see your fate
Its disaster
Catch me in the hood collecting money like a pastor
Big .38 turn his brains to cake batter
n*ggas ain't thugs, willies, or [?] dons
I get up in your b*tch ass
Quit fast like Ramadan
n*gga R.I.P Biggie the rap phenomenon
Im a real ass n*gga, see the sh*t I'm scheming on?

[Verse 2: Lil Darkie]
Im with Dillinger and if that b*tch a snitch then we killing her
But if that b*tch a groupie then the whole gang is feeling her
Train (Choo Choo)
Puffin on the strain
In my brain the cannabinoids are f*cking up the pain
Im insane
In the mustang f*cking up the paint
Where we tear through the city like were breaking up a

Yeah I'm slick like the rain with the oil in your tank
b*tch bang at your speakers if you're feeling what I say
In fame
Us busting pimples make it pus
I ain't trust my n*ggas
Cuz you switchin'
Make a fuss
Which russ?
Your reputation b*tch, to the dust
b*tch, what's good?
We be strollin' through our hood
Big woods
Doin what we shouldn't cuz you wouldn't and we could
Whats good

[Verse 3: Christ Dillinger]
b*tches love you only when you fight with their kinfolk
Thats why i trust no hoe
I be smoking the lizzo?
Grippin on my extendo
You get played like Nintendo
n*gga listen to what im spittin this the ??
Spider Gang walk in this b*tch
You know we dont do no simpin'
Bullets flying like the blimp
Leave a f*ck n*gga limpin

Ay how the f*ck you ain't got hamburgers at the deli
Ay buy some hamburgers and i might come back and buy them sh*ts

"Hey im walkin here"

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