"Racism 4.0"

[Lil Venom] [Harmony]
You killed one of us
We want justice
We do not need it, we f*cking love it
Coming up now and I passed your budget
Tremble in your boot's cuz' baby we f*cking coming

[Lil Venom] [Chorus]
Raiding all these places, cuz' I don't know what to do (Whoo)
f*ck all the cop's
f*ck 12, you a fool (Yeah)
My friend got shot
For tryna get some food (Pew-Pew)
You a f*cking sc*m, you know that that's true (Yeah)

[Lil Venom] [Verse 1]
Walking down the street, nowadays its a mission
Don't get shot, or you cannot pay your tuition (Whoo)
Cop's so corrupt, make it my fault, now im trippin (Bow)
I thought I was gonna be ballin' like Scottie Pippen (Yeah)

[Lil Venom] [Bridge]
Fallin' in a hole
So f*cking deep (Okay)
I thought that I was gonna make it out of the streets (Yeah)
Cop's pulled up and said "Get on your knees" (Bow)
Grrr, pow, Dead body inside the trees
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