You can be my Juliet, but I'm no Romeo
I settle up, I blow a kiss and then I hit the road
Should've never fallen for another groupie hoe

Tell me what the f*ck love feel like
All I know is pain in the real life
Rockstar sh*t with a rockstar b*tch
[?] anything just to feel right
Lately I been f*cking up
Why the wrong b*tch always got to steal my love
I ain't f*cking with no groupie b*tch
Did twice and they always got to f*ck me up, like
Maybe I'm too damn high
Or maybe I'm too damn good
I don't wanna say goodbye
But I think that I probably should
I been overthinking too much, yeah
Got me over drinking too much
[?] on ice
And the green in my lungs but it's never enough
I been falling for days now
I'm in your playground
Work for the devil
Why you always make me stay down
Giving my love to you
You throw it back at me
I been so numb for you
Girl you got me running in circles
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