"Met In LA"

(Danny's got superpowers)
So, lemme just get a feel for it first
And there we go
We gon' go crazy
(Ayy, it's Midlow on the track, boy)
Ayy, uh

Met her in LA, flew her out the state
Tryna make her my out of state bae
And I ain't buy you Prada yet, but I'm proud of you, bae
Tell the truth, I won't lie to you, bae
Set the world on fire for you, bae
And I treat you like my homie 'cause I'd die for you, bae
Oh, know them bags ain't enough
And just 'cause he got a bag don't mean that he tough
You know I ain't gotta bеg, I see that he bluff
I put my di*k between your legs, I havе you creaming and stuff
I ain't do sh*t, I ain't like them, so what you leaving me for?
Tell me, is it di*k the only thing you needing me for?
Tell me pack my sh*t, want me to go, but I won't leave out the door
I'll stick around, just say you need me for more

And they say love hurt
If nobody been loved, I'm tryna be loved first
My first love was an SRT
First day we met, I got no love, treated me like a refugee
Play wrong, he gon' rest in peace
Tired, I ain't get no sleep
Standing inside his bushes, I'm tired, I been on my feet
But you the only one I told and that's a fact
Just promise if he die that you gon' always have my back
Cut 'em off and stare at the crime scene
I'm smart but that's a time thing
'Cause time after time I been played
And that's why you remind me
That I can never be lost in the sauce, I'm a boss
And everything was a lesson, from that loss, I gained it all
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