Olivia Olson

"Marceline The Vampire Queen (Script)"



Cut to a close-up shot of Marceline’s face.

MARCELINE: Come on, Marce. It'll only hurt for a second.

Marceline is shown sitting in the shade of a tree in a desert. An umbrella lies just out of reach in the sunlight.

MARCELINE: That's nothing in the face of eternity.

She reaches for the umbrella. Her fingers begin to melt away in the sunlight. She shrieks and recoils. Her fingers heal in the shade.

MARCELINE: A second hurts really bad in the face of eternity. But only for a moment.

She reaches for the umbrella thrice more, shrieking and recoiling each time.

MARCELINE: Wait. I have an even better idea.

She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a bottle of sunscreen.

MARCELINE: Sunscreen. SPF 10 million.

She applies what remains of the bottle to her hands and rubs it around.
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