Mr Traumatik

"Movie Show"

This life is just like a movie
Illuminati wanna shoot me
I'm a multidimensional entity
I do my job, I'm on duty
The food I'm eating are fruity
The fruits I'm eating are juicy
Im drinking a healthy ginger & lemon & honey (?) smoothie
I don't use eye drops
I use the eye in my head like cyclops
Humans are going extinct
This sh*t is intense like my crops
Don't come around me with a dry cough
You can f*ck right off!
I will kung fu kick you in the face
Run you over and drive off!
This is a violent nation
We are living in isolation
Human beings are parasites
Please don't try my patience
Viruses come from eating animals
I don't like to taste them
I don't like food that's grown from semen
f*ck that slice of bacon!
These government scientists
Make man made viruses
Protect your friends and family
Protect your sinuses
I live my life for this
The world is mad like China is
I'm talking so much truth
I think I might die for this

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