Freshy Kanal

"The Joker vs. Alex DeLarge"

Bonus Battle
Alex DeLarge
The Joker

[Alex DeLarge]
It's a cold-blooded pleasure, but I love to trick them
Dirty old drunkies playing the bloody victim
They picked him? Stop staring at me and man up
You toss your actors in the trash like your index cards at standup
Alright, alright, alright!
Get off the stage, Casanova!
Your character got so milked, they would sell you at Korova
On the streets I was a tragedy, and yes, I paid for it
But the real horrorshow's your concept of relationships!
Harley didn't harm your life, so please tell me:
How she left you for the bat...
...and you blamed it on your belfry?
Clark pierced your Heart like a Spade, you knew it sucked
Not even the hospital could save you, since you blew it up

Strange way to entertain, but move aside, fraud
Watch out! You and the beat just built a Suicide Squad!
You had a big mouth 'til you got fed up with the truth
I use my mind as a weapon; you use it as an excuse
I'll exact it without thinking, like magic without a trick
You're fake, dead, and empty, the sculpture of a di*k
And your in-out game is a hypocritical brawl
You signed in as DeLarge, but came out as DeSmall!
Yes, I'll dance with the devil and I mutilate faces
But you won't catch me singing in the rain with a rapist!
And our key to anarchy is to lock up this hazard token
The time is in my hands to show your clockwork is broken
So take notes like Beethoven- I heard you like that
You've been blinded by society, but I love targeting bats!
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