Freshy Kanal

"Sans vs. Jevil - Video Game Rap Battle [Undertale vs. Deltarune]"

Video Game Rap Battles!

Player one, Jevil!

Player two, Sans!


How about you spare me your judgement
Cause now my court is in session
And I just want to play a game, not get morality lessons
So it's no question when this pest is gunnin' mii on the track
I'll wear your body as a skin and then I'll bring it into smash
Makes sense your a skeleton, I don't know where your brain is at
Claim you're high and mighty, take me back to your lazy acts
You waited for your team to all meet their defeats
To teach your righteous themes?
What a megalovaniac!

I could fall asleep for 100 years from the boring battle
That you're bringing here and beat you badly all the same
The diamonds that I spit can spin the clubs so it's insane
You want to gamble with your life
Cause you'll be paying it back in spades
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