Freshy Kanal

"Ghostface vs. Samara Morgan - Rap Battle!"

[Samara Morgan]
In seven days
Your semi-fame will get erased
Forever hated, devastated
Choking on your petty rage
Against a dated slasher
Specializing in edgy teens?
I've seen meaner scream queens
Squealing on MTV!
I'm the first film sensation from Asia
To get the west cravin'
You're the last one people think of
When they hear "Wes Craven
Abandoned by your mother
And it drove you to insanity
So you'll bite anothеr bullet
Guess it runs in the family!

Hеllo, announcer
Can I fight someone new, please?
You must've misheard me
I said I like scary movies
You would think by now
You're used to getting played
, but
I can help you out if you really wanna
Hang up!
List everything you ripped out?
I'd rather tape my mouth shut
Stringy-haired ghost girls
Couldn't have been more washed up
Idyllic, but then your hopes
For a fairytale drowned
So Samara, Samara
Can you let your fans down?
They put a cliché mess right on a VHS
Just so your franchise can replay death?
My scream time made your dreams work
'til I slayed you
With your screen time, you shouldn't really
Call yourself a breakthrough
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