Junko Enoshima Vs Harley Quinn - Rap Battle (CBRB: East vs West) lyrics


Freshy Kanal

Verse 1 (Harley Quinn):
Now there is only one clown I'd let boss me around, kid
Aren't you still in high school? You should be getting grounded!
I'd open up your files if they actually made some sense
But your plot line's just as twisted as what's happenin' in your head!
And your popularity is somethin' that my mind can't transcribe
'Cause you've been more an AI than a-live in your franchise! (Ha!)
Thanks to Nagito the fanbase leaves you ignored!
But it's not hidden that you've gone and admitted that you make yourself bored!
This pilе of Junko's loco
Even more so than Toko!
Jot any sort of memory of you winnin' into that notеbook, Ryoko!
Go on and try to drown me in despair
b*tch, I'm probably immune!
Doll, I'll be takin' the 'W' and that's the win, not your womb!

Verse 2 (Junko Enoshima):
Pestering with jesters is way underneath my pay grade
This ain't a game to get played, I'm aiming for the A-Grade!
Your rhymes are just so tragic that I'd almost wanna be ya
M-M-M-Mastermind of the Tragedy at Hope's Peak Academy
Against an acrobatic psychopath batting her raps at me
It's sad to see!
But actually, if we're really gonna go over this?
I'm being busy and running this sh*t; you're being the Joker's simp!
For having a claim to fame through animation, your whole personality flatlines
Her pastime is flashing these avid, masochistic, twisted visions of a past life!
It's punishment time! And things are bound to get bloody!
'Cause what shows more despair than getting beaten by your hubby?

Verse 3 (Harley Quinn):
You can't handle the truth, so go ahead and bite the bullet!
Your name is on the lever, and you bet I'm gonna pull it!
This bat-sh*t fashionista takin' jabs at my Mistah
But who's the fool if you're callin' abuse while you're violatin' your own sister?
You went from magazines, livin' rich and sittin' pretty
To killin's, kidnappin' kiddies, ruinin' cities!
You had a single lover but that wasn't enough so guess what? Now he's quite dead
And you know what? At least I keep the voices in my head
Things could'a gone smoother with your little Monokumas
A lucky punk wimp left your Foundation with no Future!
You failed this rap trial, your skill could use some brushin' up
Is this your execution? 'Cause I'm absolutely crushin' ya!

Verse 4 (Junko Enoshima):
You think me influencing little kids is screwed up?
Your movies have been bombing harder than the kids you blew up!
Twelve whole years of studying and you still f*cked up your life plan?
The Ultimate Homewrecker couldn't fly as high as Kite-Man
That's it, I've had it! I'll leave you battered black and blue and woozy with your mallet!
This loosey goosey floozy's spewing softer than her pallet
You thought you could fix a man who was selfish and conniving
But now you're busy itching rubbing up on Poison Ivy!
You could have been original, then big wigs made you cheesy
And these days your been decreased to the Deadpool of DC
The only thing new in each reboot is how you look
There's no hope! How about I write you a new book?
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