Monokuma vs Freddy Fazbear - Video Game Rap Battle [Danganronpa vs FNaF] lyrics


Freshy Kanal


Player one Monokuma!

Player Two Freddy Fazbear!


[Monokuma(Cam Steady)]
Class is in session with Monokuma
Put you on trial like moms that sue ya
When you are guilty these claws abuse ya
Just like my children that suits ya, true that
I'm bored when there is no despair
Needless to say that I've always been bored
By this bear
And your game I can't bear how your guard
Just sits there
So, I'll make it electric when y'all in that chair
Security, please!
Hear all my pleas!
Our prototype mascot has got off his leach
Security Breach! Security Breach!
How much more delays until that game is released?
I don't mean your soda when I flow 'bout
How my guns go POP!
I may be son of Junko, but you're Cawthon's
Junk for Funko Pops

[Freddy Fazbear(Mcgwire)]
If we're in court then we're losing
You're back to you're lying and face it you've gotten caught
Man, all your plans have gotten stopped
Just self destruct like Sakura (woah)
Once Fred Bear's offin' ya..
You're a cheesy piece I'll offer on
My menu, crime scene at my venue
And the cops still lock ya up
Cause this pervert is so slimy with the students
That you've got...
When I say I've got kids inside me
You think that it's hot
So, disgusting rot in hell!
You'll be forgotten while I sell, excel
'Cause I blew up the internet;
You just blew up yourself. Oh, well!

[Monokuma(Cam Steady)]
I'm the mastermind behind the Killing School Life!
But with how brain dead all your fans are
You're just killing school life

[Freddy Fazbear(Mcgwire)]
Alright, I know your maker's mental from those bars
Are you kiddin' me?
Now I'm the pizza guy...
But you've got special delivery

[Monokuma(Cam Steady)]
Now that was just in poor taste, Fozzybear!

[Freddy Fazbear(Mcgwire)]
You literally kill children... For fun...

[Monokuma(Cam Steady)]
NO, YOU!!!
I'm leaving Freddy in fireworks
Burning you down for good
Headmaster gradin' you ruthless
Seems your team fails in its execution
Can't finish films so Nick Cage had to do it
See why your band's always shut down
Your melodies be mediocre it's nothin' but misery
FNaF is The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic
Event in Human History!

[Freddy Fazbear(Mcgwire)]
Miss me, please
You've reached Hope's Peak
But now it's downhill for you
There is no joy
I would call you a puppet
But based on the size of this boy...
You fall too short of being my toy
This is the last of your ploys
You're left unemployed as you suffer, SUCKER!
No need for a judge in this murder case
After I'm done with ya no body will be discovered

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