Bob Ross vs. Bob the Builder lyrics


Freshy Kanal

[Intro: Announcer]
Rap battle
Bob the Builder!
Bob Ross!

[Verse 1: Bob the Builder]
Hey! The iller builder's arriving to light a rhyme
Hey! Been redesigning bridges and houses since '99
Hey! My guy, you talk so slow, your art just ain't exciting
Watching your drawn out show's like watching paint drying
But in my line of work, it's a big accomplishment
You're the biggest tool I've ever had to clean the shop with
You're not the first ASMR dude to land on Twitch
But your first marriage is something even I can't fix
You used to paint dew drops on top of mountains
But now you're shilling for Mountain Dew at soda fountains
How 'bout you brush up on rapping sick?
The ladies; you'rе bad with 'em
Your first son? Talk about a happy little accident

[Verse 2: Bob Ross]
How 'bout I tеach the blueprints of verse construction? (Yeah)
'Cause I'm creative, you just follow the instructions
And once you were back in unsettling action
No talking vehicles could help your remake get traction
Oh Bobby! There's ain't no Logic in all your physics
Won't top me, ya boy's got more drip than my acrylics
But looking at your sad schtick there's nothing I can diss (Why?)
Your whole personality's a blank canvas
Go 2deep with the smooth beats when I roll in the booth
While your machines got more emotion than you
I've spread the Joy of Painting to the whole generation
While your show's left aging worse than your old claymation

[Verse 3: Bob the Builder]
f*ck it! I got better to do, but I don't care
I'll leave you sh*tting bricks, motherf*cker, I know you're scared
Wow, a f*cking bush painting! Daring today, aren't we?
You spent your life drawing weeds, I spent my life chopping trees
I'm repping the industry, your precious nature ain't sh*t to me
Sure, I'll cut down a little green, I recycle by getting green
Got Psytube rhymes, dude, you can't compare us
Wanna talk mistakes? How about that yee-yee ass haircut?

[Interlude: Angel Bob Ross, Devil Bob Ross]
C'mon man, just gotta keep calm
Nah, f*ck that sh*t! Beat the devil outta that motherf*cker!
Show him how we do it on these streets!
Yeah, fair enough

[Verse 4: Bob Ross]
Yo, it's Bob the Ross
I pop the rocks
On top of this awfully hot coffee pot
Talk to 'em, I'm making heads bop (Aye!)
I'll take your head, Bob (Aye!)
And use your red blood (Aye!)
To line the dead chalk
Ain't taking your sh*t like the sh*t Goblin
So quit talking
I'll take your whole gang made of silver, c*ck, then quickly pop 'em
Save me the fight
'Cause late in the night
I was painting yo' wife
In fifty shades of Titanium White! (Oh!)
Boom, no cap! (b*tch, f*ck you!)
Blicky strapped! (Click, one, two!)
Finger on the trigger, leave a b*tch shot through
'Fore the next shoot—sh*t! The cops! Shoe!

[Outro: Announcer]
Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!
The next rap battle!
Of [?]
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