Doctor Strange vs Doctor who lyrics


Freshy Kanal

(Verse 1: Doctor Who)
So that's why my psychic paper keeps going missing
This phony is after it because he knows he'll pass as Tony Stark with no Vision
Give up the act, that bad American accent could not be mended with magic
Strange, you look like the master if he mastered the art of chatting to fabric
My sonic screwdriver has the mic locked!
You're a colonizer in knee high docs!
I know the ancient one is rocking make-shift robes, but they really didn't need a bloody white wash! (no!)
You don't want to face a time lord in a rhyme war
Your minor to the daleks that I fought
My Tardis is likе the Ferrari of time- travеl
While your stone is literally an eye sore!
Ooh yea, sports cars are a shaky topic right 'course
Now that joke was an accident. lets hope it still lands well- UNLIKE YOURS!
Sherlock, I better beg of you to answer me this question, cuz it's taking me a bit to understand it
How did the Avengers take on Thanos in a secondary battle when the difference the magician vanish?

(Verse 2: Doctor Strange)
No let me at you, Doctor
With no sling ring insight, how do you cast those plot holes, that are way bigger on the inside?
So take your cafuffals you solve with loving, hugs and macguffins and shut it. I haven't seen softer Doctors since McStuffins!
Ill tell you something, I've looked in 14 million futures but it didn't change cuz I don't need the time stone to know that your the same in each iteration!
This Limey time travels and swoops a companion
Uses plot armor to save the whole planet
Til this man panics and leaves them abandoned
And then he gets damaged so they bring in a stand-in
Then the BBC says "We've come to bargain, let's barf it again!"
Your just a dangerous threat to your friends
It's ironic your rapping is far from a 10!
I can bend time to do what I choose to!
While time bends you like it's Deja voodoo!
That screwdriver is stupid to use Couse no one has the drive to ever screw you! Go hype on the beats, call me Sorcerer Supreme!
I light up the screen to a thousand degrees!
When it comes to degrees you can actually check mine
Strange is dishing out the best rhymes since Tech N9ne!
You girl got stuck in a parallel world, and I'm sure that you miss her
But the truth is Doctor- YOU KILL Rose THE MOMENT YOU PICKED HER!
(Verse 3: The 10th Doctor) Speaking of parallel universes
I'm truly certain you hopped in a few and threw the bootleg
Chris Nolan mutant through to ours to come to shoot your stupid movie!
Allons-y? Bene-di*k to me? I can't say that's a shocker. But it's strange how your a defender, but Doom's a more heroic doctor!

(Verse 4: Doctor Strange)
Your show is as stiff as your angels expect I couldn't bear to watch Im tearing off like a paradox
You can't square against the most prepared in this pair of docs
Suck my pears, you knob. You traveled through time But know you should clock out
Disappear in that police box again
And call that a "cop out!"

(Verse 5: The 10th Doctor and The 11th Doctor)
Well I gave you a choice
You either get destroyed or you shot your holes
You're ja-doomed either 'because I flow so dope though!
When your firmly gripping the mic with those hands, you're close to dropping it
From surgical precision to whiney 'why me' wibbly wobbly
Ay, I've visited colonies, met millions of species with different biologies
But not a had a single thing bother me as much as that prickly sh*t around the rim of your lip has done honestly!
Ay, just ask River how I make a Song bang!
You brought your btoher back from the dead, and he didn't even say 'fangs'!
Use that infinity stone to get this over with
Im not scared of Adam Sandler's remote from Click!
All that hocus pocus but no hope for sis!
That's a curse that not even your cloak could lift!

(Verse 6: Doctor Strange)
I've not met a man akin to this bumbling dummy
Who was raised by evil space beings like?
"Are you my dar- mummy?"
Doesn't it break both your hearts knowing Gallifrey is toast?
I could save your whole raced from extinction
(Ahem) BUT I WON'T!
I assembled the Avengers when everything crumbled you rallied a generation onto Tumblr!
Your hatred for guns has made one the thing for certain
That's why your firing, not shots in your verses!
The person you lure next will surely be spared of your meaningless trust
When you become the second alien, that's bitten the dust
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