Mysterio vs. Harry Houdini lyrics


Freshy Kanal

[Verse 1: Harry Houdini]
Harry Houdini, the one and only
Prepare to see me crush this phoney
I show no mercy to fake magic
So crawl back to the loony bin, I'm the one escaping straitjackets
I hate psychics
The future of your crystal ball helmet's when I f*ckin' light it
We all have secrets but only good magicians don't reveal them so
Tell me how you make fights feel faker than Rey Mysterio
Think you're sneaky like Houdini? Kid, your try at scheming
Was gaslighting kids, then hand-sleighting them before IP leaking
Some average Joe got more success than you'll ever get so
Your girl took one look at him and then disappeared like "presto"
I soared to new heights by literally thinking outside the box
You fell into depression 'cause Spider-Man ruined all your plots
At Hollywood's beck and call but they're not calling Beck
The only burns you dish at all are to actors on the set

[Verse 2: Mysterio]
You got your audience convinced on a tiny screen
But my tricks even hit when I'm behind the scenes
You're a public embarrassment, your knick-knacks are worthless
Your jokes only put shame on your whole family circus
You think your handstands get your mom and dad fed?
I'll put your under pressure like the blood in your head
You've got no more appeal, all your props are overdone
Now this old man can't even sneak his way into World War I
Got fired for being too good at my job in the comic books
But now I got that bank to spare, ask Hollywood
Busting mediums is this square's damn hobby? Good!
I'd say sue me, but your Karen ass probably would
I demand a refund for your misleading show
'Cause when I heard water torture, I didn't think you'd mean your flow
Said you'd escape the damn grave, but winded up unconscious
Hurry the f*ck up! I'm passing out trying to watch this
This Weisz guy wants to fire rhymes, it's nonsense
I'm not scared of a dude who hides from the patenting process
I know you like your water stunts, so this next trick will leave you breathless
Since a single punchline's enough to crush your appendix
[Verse 3: Harry Houdini]
You're under arrest when your criminal dealings
When I'm under arrest, you catch me swinging on the ceiling
I bet that would remind you of the man in the web mask
Your whole plans would go to sh*t if After Effects crashed

[Verse 4: Mysterio]
The great Houdini appears on the stage
To once again take the audience by surprise
After ignoring his doctor's orders and poison in his body
He still performs, and plot twist, he f*cking dies

[Verse 5: Harry Houdini]
I'm in the air 'cause I'm a pilot renowned
You're on the air when your own drones are shooting you down
And is it any wonder Stark made fun of your useless trash?
Your whole life's work is a goddamn VR Google Glass
My methods are still unknown, I'm a spotlight stealer
You make teenagers trip balls like a school drug dealer
You're pathetic, you could never match the records I've touched
Only Guinness you've seen's the beer you down because your life sucks
Using Daily Bugle fake news to gain fans
I escape cans, while your Raimi cameo stays canned
Wanna make it big? Well just take after me
Make like a good stunt double, keep your face off the screens
[Verse 6: Mysterio]
Oh no, did I hurt your little feelings, bro?
Goddamn, who sh*t in your Myst-Cheerios?
I've tackled the grandest attractions
Mastered distractions back when the camera's in action
And they're saying I'm unstable?
That's nothing to the dangling cables that were breaking your ankle
Got the world fooled with all the magic that I've done
Your greatest illusion was an imaginary son
This is Harry's last show, and to put aside any doubts
He's been buried once again, but this time he's not coming out
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