Gucci Mane

"Wilt Chamberlain (Part 2)"

DJ mothaf*ckin' Rell

Trash can, kush bag, got the club f*cked up
Told Icy ain't rich, b*tch you got my f*cked up
Hustlers, hustlers, y'all n*ggas is suckers
You a bad b*tch, but I wish I never f*cked her
Straight drop, glass, got me takin all your [?]
[?] got me clear as snow bricks, call me cash out
[?] havin' ass, n*gga, why ya got your hand out
Aqua, teal paint, did it just to stand out
Bouldercrest Road, n*gga, Sun Valley trap house
Like a b*tch, yeah we call that b*tch the mansion
If you f*ckin' underage girls, you a Chester
One thing Gucci is not is a molester

Twenty-nine year-old lady, she successful
Fine in some jeans, but look better when shе dress up
Girlfriend fine, but shе ugly from the neck up
Pillow on her face, and I beat her like she stole some
Gucci Mane rich, everybody wanna hold some
Two big balls and a di*k, wanna hold that?
Baby girl suckin' on my dish, she need to slow down
Hold down, baby 'cause you just too much
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