All Mighty lyrics



[Intro: Travis Scott]
When you at the top, there's choices you can make
You can choose to be the realest or a fake
I really saw both sides of the spectrum
I really saw 'em lie to your face

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
f*ck that
I'm keepin' it real, a hunnid
Too much on the line
You don't know the feel
I don't do this sh*t for the money
Do it all for the fans
Do it for my fam'
That's how I'm comin'
Got it on me, behind me, don't try me
Or you'll die runnin'

[Verse 2: Drake & Travis Scott]
They say the grass greener on the other side
But the grass greener on the turf
Thеy think cuz I made it this far by keeping it real
That I'm not from this Earth
No amount of money turning mе fake
Even if that mean I end on a shirt
I don't think you nearly understand how long it took me to get outta the dirt
Two planes, now I make you believe
Two rings, got 'em beggin' me "Please"
3 'mo, brought it straight to my home
Got 'em all lookin' up on they knees now
I need to see how everything I do is renowned
Takin' an L then I rebound (it's lit)
[Verse 3: Travis Scott]
Love it or hate it, we sit at the top
Hard not to think we the cream of the crop
Way too much money, it's harder to drop
21 cars, that sh*t not a lot
Celebrate, cup in the air tonight
I'm valid, don't care if I'm verified
She hide behind me, she terrified
I'ma leave you over there for life
Thought that I told you already
We finna start when I'm ready
I make the terms, that don't make me petty
It's what I earned from stacking the pennies
Turned it to millions, real steady
That's why Storm' got too many teddies
Millions on the cars, that's keepin' her safe
Prayin' to my god
That we found a way
You know who we are
Thankful every day
You know who we are
Pull up to the function, we on
Playin' for keeps
We don't play till we gone
These hoes always act like they not in the wrong
Actin' like they just got put in a song
Impossible, impossible
You just a hoe, impossible
[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 4: Travis Scott & Drake]
Let's go!
Drizzy outside
I tell 'em "Drizzy outside"
Charter 'em jets
We gon' pelican fly for the Richard Mille
She gon' kiss it goodbye
I see the desperation thru your eyes
If you sayin' a bad thing or a good thing
I can't tell from your lies
I can't tell if you're from harder times
I can tell that you givin' bad vibes

[Verse 5: Travis Scott]
Thanks to the all-mighty
Thanks to the all-high
Think we goin' higher
Thanks to the all-mighty
Thanks to the goat higher
Thanks to the all-mighty
Thanks to the all-mighty

[Instrumental Outro]
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