"English Rap"

3,2,1 lets go!
Welcome to the English department full of fun yea where we have two of the best teachers god bleh who are making us pro pro pro progress oh my god we are so so so English. They will always www success unless we have posttraumatic stre now let me go out a express about the English a access. We have Chloe who so intelligent, we have Lucy's oh so excellent, we have Jake who so I I relevant and Kaleigh the comedian. Kelis and Ember who are great singers, jack and Lucy's quiet but deadly, Liam Rods and Luke are great partners and Ethan with dem great answers, (Chorus). We have Isaac with dem interesting questions, we have Liam Cop who is always sleeping, we have Hoe Wee with her neat handwriting and Jos who is always smiling, Rhiyaad and Adris always having a laugh good presentation Libby e Molly dally, Morgan and Josh who are sensible, Donna who e very helpful let's not forget the one student left Cori Dalgleesh always a his best but wait there is also one more (Chorus). Lots of funny things have been happening omg it was sooo funny, everyone was always havin a laughff now let's go through the all: Mr Mason with that funny accent, Mr Khan always have good teaches, Jake with those really stupid questions and Kaleigh always lookin for her book although there was some funny Tom there were also serious time not got gonna go through dem all but thank you for listening to-

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