Lyrics from Snippet 1

[Verse 1]
- Love her, do no drive by
Imma slide up on a scooter
If you got shot wasn't me them toilet boys that be my shooters
Do yo dance on that poll, man we got bands on this hoe
Talking reckless on the net get popped like Xans in this hoe
All these dumb hoes, they be trippin', we got plans around this hoe
I ain't layin' up with her man, she got ran through at my show

Lyrics from Snippet 2
[Verse 2]
- up the crib up by the lake
Said he had the Frosty bay, I saw them sh*ts and it was fake
They know that Frosty don't do talkin' (what?)
b*tch, you can't get to walk it (huh)
I made a quarter million, now that lil' b*tch she be stalkin'
Choppa miss me with that quick
Pullin' Zimmy from them sticks
Imma beat it down and bust it -

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