"She Will Freestyle"

Lil Wayne Freestyle n*gga

[Verse 1:Kayo Stone]
I told you
I'm gonna pump that bass like a real playa
I already slick but I'm just still a hater
n*ggas are ruthless , I am careless
Young Stoner smoking that sour
It's the man of the hour
The clock is ticking minute by minute
You n*ggas sleeping on me like you restless
Rent a room to the tropics at the Hilton
sh*t, what knocks you down like Keri Hilson
I got dead presidents like Woodrow Wilson
I'm f*cking on your b*tch until she says my name
I say this is how we do it so I put on The Game
She Says Kayo are you famous because you got the fame
This sh*t ride hard I put It into flames
I remember as that one dame
Who says she doesn't like those fakes and lames
Shutdown the streets but don't shut down the whole world
She dances like she some white girl
She goes crazy for my projects
Every time I come with something brand new
I'm known as a famous artist and that is true
You know I'm Ray Charles to the bullsh*t
Now please listen to my mixtape
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