"Fake Love [Remix] (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib) ♪♫"

(Verse 1)
You out of line
You out your mind
But you on my mind, like every time
You say I call and you always decline
I’m way too busy to send a reply
You still don’t care, you need all of my time
All of my love, all this affection
Oh and did I mention?
That all these women need attention?
I can’t even get a sentence in
Cause the tension from the messages
Got you saying sh*t you never did
Actin’ out of character & sh*t
I just need me a down ass chick
One to hold me up when I’m depressed
One to hold the weight & stash my checks
Screamin’ f*ck the Jakes & count my bread
Sound like the perfect woman, Imma hold you to it
These days, they expect from you when you know you couldn’t do it
They just wanna see you put the effort, if they gone put you thru it
Mama told me put your back in it baby, if you gone pursue it
That’s when they smile in my face!
But I got 100’s all in my safe
I got 32’s for my tracks
I hit Top 5 in my state
I got the city all on my back
I done shouldered all of that weight
I done showed up to your state
Just to show ain’t no debates
Off the fact they chose me
Put your money on me
Yeah I feel the fake love
But we just KanYe shrug
They done played ‘Double Up’
And heard where I came from
All because I stayed up
& now a n*gga came up
Real love & real friends
That’s only worried bout the ends
Free my brothers out the bin
We spent too many nights and many days
To give you music to get many plays
To link this music w/ a friendly face
To change the city as the city know it
I love my city and my city know it
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