[Verse 1: Jake Paul]
All designer on my body, Off-White sneakers
Flew that b*tch from outta town, but I don't think she got a visa, yeah (Visa, yeah)
White boy on the track like Justin Bieber
Used to think this sh*t was sweet, now I’m the man, so I don't need 'em, yeah (Need ’em, yeah)
I came in with the hits like Derek Jeter
Keep a check inside this Louis like that boy from Even Stevens, yeah (Stevens, yeah)
Jesus piece around me in this Demon
I just win again and win again, I don't even got a reason, yeah (Reason, yeah)
We get hot regardless of the season
I been ballin' for a minute, feel like Popeye off the spinach, yeah (Spinach, yeah)
Gassed up, sponsorship from 7-6
But I got shooters 'round Ben Simmons, feel like I play for the Sixers, yeah (Sixers, yeah)

She gon' eat this di*k up like it's dinner
Know I'm winnin', all my b*tches bad like I roll with the Jenners (With the Jenners)
We can’t chop it up, no, I ain’t friendly
Turned a dollar to a hundred, a Toyota to a Bentley, yeah (To a Bentley, yeah)

[Pre-Chorus: Jake Paul]
Lil' dummy, you stupid lil’ dummy
I got money, now they love me (Now they love me), you lil' dummy (Lil' dummy)
No, you're not my friend (Not my friend), you’re not my buddy (Not my buddy)
Red Berlinetta and it's lookin' really bloody

[Chorus: Jake Paul]
You stupid dummy, you stupid lil' dummy
I got money, now they love me, you a lil' stupid dummy
Lil' dummy, Playboy Bunny (Playboy Bunny), she off the bubbly
Red LaFerrari and it's lookin' really bloody
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