I Will Never Feel Like I Did In 2016 lyrics



Gotta say it got a lot worse
My eyes always looking tired now
Back hurts from the posture
Still don't even want to lie down
Everything I do is awkward
I can't even make the right sounds
Tired of acting like I'm not sure
I wish I was with you right now

And I don't mean to fuss about my head
But it keep controlling me
I don't leave the house cause' I live
In the place you were with me
I changed out my room, moved the desk
And replaced the furnishings
Nothing worked
They don't understand
But they still act likе they know me
I would just blow my brains out
But my mama love mе
I can't give her the pain, no
I really wish I was just a normal kid
And not such a complication
But I'ma say that's still not changed
The more I get stuck in my ways
The more I get why I'm a waste
Why everybody throws me away
I guess I'll just be over here, just me
Best if I just go trust me
Just wanna save you from me

[Instrumental Outro]
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