"Hella Neck"

[Intro: Ohgeesy]
(Carnage, you a fool, you crazy)
Karo, remix, re-rock and finesse
On a private jet, coolin' with my n*ggas from the 'jects, ayy
Karo, remix
Coolin' with my n*ggas from the 'jects

[Chorus: Ohgeesy]
Ayy, Karo, remix, re-rock, and finesse
On a private jet, coolin' with my n*ggas from the 'jects
We done made it out the set, from the bus to the 'Vette
She gon' give me hella neck, I don't care if it's wet

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Ice on my chest, make your b*tch wanna sex
Came on her breasts, put them rumors to rest
n*ggas know I'm a threat, all my b*tches, they rep
She wanna catch it in her mouth, let her friend intercept
b*tch, this ain't a test, does your b*tch wanna F?
I be f*ckin' some b*tches that go to the Met
Up in Miami, we smoked on the deck
Tequila, I'm wrecked, that's that cause and effect
Take off at ten, driver waitin' when I land
She obsessed with my di*k, she my number one fan
When these b*tches switch up, I just stick to the plan
Mobbin' with the Mafia, don't get packed in
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