Charles Aznavour

"I Look At You"

[Verse 1]
Tout le jour, tu es loin de moi
Mais lorsque tombe la nuit
Que tu viens dormir près de moi
J'oublie toute ma vie
Quand se ferment, sur notre amour
Les portes de ton sommeil
En moi, que de tourments s'éveillent

I look at you, and my eyes must admire
All that you are, that you show of desire
Soon, I'm aglow and the flame's mounting higher
Freed by your touch, by my lips, on your lovely face

[Verse 2]
I hold you close, and my heart's like an ocean
Filled with the waves and the storms of emotion
But in the part of your arms, there's a motion
I come to shore, come to rest, in your warm embrace

I look at you, and your eyes shine with wonder
For I am free of the storm and the thunder
And it's the spell of your touch that I'm under
So hold me tight, very tight
When I look at you

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