Charles Aznavour

"Venice Blue"

[Verse 1]
I saw Venice turn blue
Before my very eyes
I saw Venice turn blue
The moment love died
I walked by the canal
Or through some little square
And echoes of her words
Pursue me everywhere

[Verse 2]
Now my Venice is blue
As the mandolins play
The song she used to sing
Before love slipped away
With the lovers hand in hand
The gondolas go by
I wish that I could weep
But all my tears are dry

[Verse 3]
I see Venice all blue
Before my misty eyes
I see Venice all blue
Because our love has died
My aimless footsteps stop
Before an old café
Or by some little shop
Where she would often stray

[Verse 4]
I see Venice all blue
Beneath the rising moon
And still I look for her
Beside the wide lagoon
And then I try to smile
And hope I can forget
The laughter that we shared
The shining day we met

[Verse 5]
Two pigeons in the square
I now say my goodbyes
Goodbye my vanished dream
Goodbye oh Bridge of Sighs
I've seen Venice turn blue
And too lonely to bear
For she forgot to care

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