Charles Aznavour

"Just You"

[Verse 1]
Just you have that smile of April returning
Your warm lips in love with feverish burning
My head's in a spin I'm lost in my yearning
Deeply in love so in love loving you
Just you can be wise and foolish and tender
One moment you fight and then you surrender
You're devil and saint, deceiving pretender
But I remain in love loving you

People say you'll never stay
You'll fly away you won't be true
Who cares what they say
You're my May Day
You're my Hey Day
Just you

Just you cast a spell of midsummer madness
Just you give my heart this rapturous gladness
Just you have the power to turn it to sadness
I'm just a fool but I love loving you

[Verse 2]
How you fuss about
How your laughter sings
How you love to pout
Oh so many things I could shout about
Sweet and special things I'd be lost without
Just you

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