Benjamin Tod

"Ballad of a Broken Man"

I got a letter on a cold lonesome morning
Said you ain't half the man you were
When I called you my friend
I swore by you like an oath
You burn the sails to your own boat
And said bon voyage, adios

We all break a promise or two
Only got so many years to live for that excuse
It’s a long hard road and a lonely moon
Its giving up and it’s no use

Sorrows deeper than the ocean
Fills the rivers and the seas
Joy's as empty as a bottle
At least when she’s been thru with me
And I’m calling from the well
A broken man with time to kill
Can you hear me
Can you hear me

I caught that train, always been a hard luck man
Tend to walk away from things I don't understand
It’s always one step closer 'til the end
I’m always broken and never bent
And I’m a man
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