"Greaze it up"

[Verse 1: Skepta]
When I say greaze I greaze it up
Okay bet, they wheel it up I see you hating keep it up (ice)
Cause she's trying to beat I beat it up
Trying to get drunk then drink it up
Ice on my neck it's freezing up
Got something to say then speak it up
I came with the mop I'm cleaning up
When I say greaze I greaze it up
Okay bet, they wheel it up I see you hating keep it up (ice)


[Verse 2: Michael Phantom]
Stepping with g's stay with the gold
Give me a sign it's untold
Is it a wraith or is it a ghost
Don't even matter we ain't gotta boast
All of my guys all of my bros
f*ck all the snitches f*ck all the hoes
New prescription got me ahead of the flow
Do or die get straight to the dough
Then I switch it up bad b wanna come give me top
Head to times then its time to cut
Mix me with all the other stuff
I don't care but you got to bluff
Big racks wanna come show me love
Set backs we don't care to tough
Wisdom flex cause it's time to floss

[Verse 3: Octavian]
Aye, when I shoot my gun I find I don't know when to stop
n*ggas tryna get me but they don't know where to start
n*ggas tryna get me but they be getting no love
n*ggas tryna get me but I be dodging their shots
b*tch I be running London but you can find me on your block
Posted on your block while your n*ggas they just watch
Posted on your block while I didn't see no opps
I just saw your girl then she looked at me
Aye, all your sh*t don't phase me I got two b*tches called Stacey
They're not fighting to bring my lady hold my weapons they're
Too shady big back big Glock off safety I be searching for you daily go find you in a day and then I'll kill you in the night


[Verse 4: Lancey Foux]
In the night me and me side by side
Night, night leave you lean with the sprite
And I lied I said I won't but I might
f*ck around and take the game cause its mine
Two new hoes foreign exchange its a flight
I'm with the gang I'm with the clique arthritis
Looking for the devil I ain't hard to find

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