"Greaze It Up*"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1: Skepta]
When I say greaze I greaze it up
Okay bet, they wheel it up I see you hatin' keep it up (ice)
Cause she's tryin' to beat, I beat it up
Tryna to get drunk, then drink it up
Ice on my neck, it's freezin' up
Got somethin' to say, then speak it up
I came with the mop, I'm cleanin' up
When I say greaze, I greaze it up
Okay bet, they wheel it up (I said it's f*ckin' payday motherf*cker)
I see you hatin', keep it up (Ice)

[Verse 2: Michael Phantom]
Drippin' in G's, stay with the gold
Give me a sack, put it on hold
Is it a wraith or is it a ghost
Don't even matter, we ain't gotta boast
All of my guys, all of my bros
f*ck all the snitches, f*ck all the hoes
New disguise, I'm ahead of the flow
Do or die, get straight to the dough
Then I might switch it up
Bad B wanna come give me top
Head two times then its time to cut
Miss me with all the other stuff
I do not care, what you got to bluff
Big racks, wanna come show me love
Set backs, we don't care to tough
Wisdom flex 'cause it's time to floss

[Verse 3: Octavian]
Aye, when I shoot my gun I find I don't know when to stop
n*ggas tryna get me, but they don't know where to start
n*ggas try to get me, but they be gettin' no love
n*ggas tryna get me (Payday), but I be dodgin' red dots
b*tch I be runnin' London, but you can find me on your block
Posted on your block while you n*ggas they just watch
Posted on your block while I didn't see no opp
I just saw your girl and then she looked at me
Aye, all your sh*t don't phase me, I got two b*tches called Stacy
They're not fightin' to be my lady, hold my weapons they're
Too shady
Big back, big Glock off safety, I'll be searchin' for you daily
Can't find you in the day, but I will find you in the night (I said it's f*ckin' payday motherf*cker)

[Verse 4: Lancey Foux]
In the night, me and me, side by side
Night, night, leave you lean with the sprite
And I lied, said I won't, but I might
f*ck around and take the game 'cause its mine
Two new hoes, foreign exchange, it's a flight
I'm with the gang, I'm with the clique, arthritis
Lookin' for the devil, I ain't hard to find

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