[Verse 1: Black Kray]
Been around town, chopping up tree
Bet you see me, same old sh*t
Two blonde hoes, three black hoes, twisting that dro
Know you want 'mo, see yourself float
Rock rose gold, dirt on my clothes
Trife life hoe, smoke out my nose
Money on the floor, freak ass hoes
Let me paint pictures of your titties
Late night cruise through the city
Say you f*ck with me, say you f*ck with me
Holes on my shoes and they all f*ck with me
Drop low, Drop low
Stripping them hoes
Suck a n*gga di*k when I walk through the door
Shoestring belt hang low b*tch, wish we were close
Post up at the sto'
[?] put a can in my motherf*ckin' hand
All black, lights out in that b*tch like damn
Flying around through the sky like I'm Peter Pan
Kush and essence (kush and essence)
Blood on my hands, ten dead corpse
Art rich n*gga like a lit Gucci goth
Yung Black Kray lookin' like a diamond slide

Midnight, lurked out
f*ck throwing money, stoned strippers in the house [x3]

[Verse 2: Clv$h]
She doin' freak sh*t, clinging her heart out
Starts with the short skirt and an unbuttoned blouse
Show me what that mouth about
Show a n*gga what that pus*y do
Her ass stick out more than her boobs do
We connect cruise throwin' B
Triple Cs, fiend for weed, young LSD
Burning [?] change that, talk back to ya it's nothing to it
Yeah she's [?], arching her back she know what she doing
Yeah, spanish Harlem Mona Lisa, touch her like a catholic priest
Player's club, player's club, burner still under my seat
Let em on the news, wake up feel a rip
She do it for tuition, the feeling and intention
A n*gga like me in attendance, Red Light District
Depressed boy, just a sexy boy

Midnight, lurked out
f*ck throwing money, stoned strippers in the house [x4]
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