Charlie Burg

"Title Guide to the Talkies"

[Verse 1]
Start at "A"
See what you know
What have you been through
Make a list

Now scrap the page
Forget what you wrote
Writing 'ain't 'sposed to be easy you know

You've read the news and none of that worked
To help you make art you don't hate
But someone whispered the big screen is cool
So lets kill the blues at the talkies today

We'll hit the cinema as violence abounds and Joker the clown spoils the day
On my phone there's a photograph or a minute long clip I opt against work to watch this

So here you sit in darkness locked in
Your heart may be richer but your brain turned to sh*t
I tried the news and it made me feel sick
The joker took armistice and blew it to bits

I once heard it said that a man and his heart
Could change if he listened more than spoke
But now I'm afraid that my listening days
Will end when the credits do roll
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