Lil Duval

"BET 2019 Comedy Cypher"

[Verse 1: Jess Hilarious]
See, this rapping sh*t ain't in my category, I just fell in
Keep your business to yourself, you cross me, you know I'm telling
Got a little thick, a pretty b*tch and I'm celibate
"Jess finally got herself an ass", well, now I'm smelling it
Why you looking? Never seen a 'stache before?
Hair be growing everywhere, I ain't bald no more
Well, maybe a little bit, I ain't got that much yet
But don't sweat, I'ma always keep my foot on y'all necks
Comedian Jess Hilarious, yeah, she funny and fine
And keep your man off them streets, 'cause if he married, he mine
Well, at least that's what they say, I ain't trying to be to careful
Bet, I said that and left all of that cash
Always that one troll going hard on them keys
Same b*tches stay on private who ain't trying to be seen
The same ones that say I'm canceled but still using my memes
Been three years in the role, I'm still the clapback queen
What's that?

[Verse 2: Chico Bean & (Karlous Miller)]
Uh, my name's Chico bean, I'm the livest (Yo)
I'm about to take off like a pilot (Okay)
When I punch in the beat, I'ma slide it
I'ma dripper, I don't need a stylist
When it comes to the flow, I'm a hitter
When it comes to the dope, I'm a killer (Whoop)
Look at Jess over there, she a winner
When she take off that wig, she a ...
I'm just playing, you know I can't hate
Matter of fact, let's go on a date
I'ma hustle until I equate
Money longer than Affion face
Hip-hop is taller than RuPaul
But his budget was shorter than Duval
So this cypher is not monetary
This is why we are in a library
Let me get on my uno, dos
Pass it off to my amigo, Lous
Let me get on my uno, dos
Pass it off to my amigo, Lous

[Verse 3: Karlous Miller, (Chico Bean) & Both]
Hey, look, I say my style's so killer (Uh-huh)
That OJ Simpson just followed me on Twitter (You lying)
Hey, I say my rhymes so witty (Uh-huh)
That Janet Jackson want to show me her ... (Uh-uh)
No, I'm in the cypher, I'm just cooling with the family (Okay)
I'm trying to see some boobs like I'm doing a mammogram (The breasts)
Ain't that so ignorant, you know that that's some stupid sh*t
You know you watching BET, so Baby Boy is after this (Oh, that's fun)
And that's a known fact, somebody should've known that
Like Bill Cosbygoing to jail for asking where the ... at (They sleep)
And we can't laugh 'cause it ain't funny
I'm on your ass like you owe 50 Cent money (Whoa)
Living my best life (Uh-huh) and having fun with it (Okay)
I know a rapper with a purse with a gun in it
I know a rapper with a purse with a gun in it
I know a rapper with a purse with a gun in it

[Verse 4: Affion Crockett]
I don't like this beat at all
I'm ghonna make you ... my balls
Me so tall, he don't fall
Affion acting like he so oh
I'm the sh*t, fecal
E. coli guy with an eagle eye
Ask them, though, I can't kill any MC no matter what he go by
Me, oh my, who is this?
Say I look like Ludacris
But I'm more like Tiger Woods if he ... vagina
From the hood, ain't got stuck in China
With the wooden dummy hiding
Wing Chun in the hood
He's inviting, woulda, coulda, shoulda
Hypothetically, better not edit me
Listen, now I'ma go viral
Then I will spiral with a Bible
In a tower, Eiffel or the Babel
Unravel, now y'all really babble
'Cause I'm Lester the court jester
In the cypher, y'all ... up
I'ma go down as the best of
Dylan and Dave, y'all better rest up

[Verse 5: Lil Duval]
Come on
They call me Chest Hair Shorty, I'm the flyest over 40
Got grey up in my beard, no pain, I like to sport it
I'm the leader of the new school, the flyest ... too cool
Put Florida on my back, I'ma show you what I'm gon' do
I be vibing on my damn plane
That's right I said "my damn plane"
I own my sh*t, unlike the rest of you ... only grabbing
I know I said I don't cheat, but ... if you try me
I ... your mama, all you ... depending on who housecleans
No weapon formed against me
I'm vibing on this damn beat
City Boyz, we up, baby
Survived the match, can't be beat
Hey, hey, hey
Survived the match, can't be beat
Hey, hey, hey
Survived the match, can't be beat

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