I've realized that this world is truly Hell and
All the devils that we're scared to face are here and just as real
In my eyes the universe put Earth as jail
We destroy and we consume
We know but we don't even care
Sometimes I look up and just sit and stare
Then I start to wonder if a God was ever really there
Maybe we are just what we really need
We're going through the pages one by one
But we don't even read

Sometimes I hate to make this deep sh*t
But then what's the point in living life if I don't understand?
To make cash, buy sh*t and be compared?
I'm sorry but I'm sure my purpose doesn't lie in being there
I don't even really wanna do more
I just wanna learn how to live, laugh, and feel more
But I been taking shortcuts
Smoking 3 or 4 blunts, taking tabs, and using different pills more

I'm pretty sure that music is my purpose
I sat down then got up and didn't realize that I wrote this
It isn't really hard for me to make a song
I just find the right beat, close my eyes and sing along
It honestly feels that f*cking easy
The hard part is thinkin' bout how more people can hear me
There goes my human need to feed more
'Cause I've got some numbers but I still feel like I need more

95% of people I meet
Are fake as f*ck and bullsh*t just because it can exist to be
It's not that they're bad or they're living wrong
I just know there's people out there that exist in more
I think we all could but what most see is
All of the material they give us but we don't need
The layers fall deeper than that
It gets darker than black, I wish that you could understand

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