"​self care."

Raspo Beats

I can't love you, I'ma have to leave you in the past
I want love but you can't do that
From the start I knew it was bad
But I looked right past, I lost time that I can't get back
I can't do that again, it hurt too much
And I'm not strong enough to hold anything else back
If I get pushed again I really might snap

Make songs so I don't have to talk
Pain's my drive but I want it to stop
I'm not sure if that's all true
'Cause without it then what would I do?
Been in the rain so long, I don't like it inside
I wanna live just as much as I've died
Gave love a shot and I hate that I tried
I'm ignoring my heart, I'ma focus on pride

From selfless to selfish, success I am hellbent
Found my soul last year, 2020 I'll sell it
Money is all that I want 'cause I lost what I need
I'm replacing my sadness with greed
I couldn't care if you agree 'cause
When I was still there you didn't
"I'll be waiting right here" you told to me
Said that you wouldn't leave then did it
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