Smoke in my lungs suffocating my thoughts
I can't think f*cking straight, I get so f*cking lost
I'm not okay, like b*tch what you thought?
I see death as a phase and I wanna evolve

Leave me the f*ck alone, don't say that you care cause I know you don't
I might just break my phone, I don't wanna talk about nothing no more
I might f*cking fold on myself, I need help b*tch
I don't like the soul I was dealt, I might sell it

Helpless, how I see myself in my eyes
Melting, I'm so hot
Is this what hell is? I might unveil it
Watch me get reckless

I don't think you wanna see how f*cked up and dark I get
Okay, I just wanna be deceased, don't care how I gеt there
I just might do it myself, I'm so sеlfish
Where do I go with all the pain I need help with?

I don't know, I might f*cking go
To a loaded gun, tell my brain to blow
And if that ain't it, I'm headed to a bridge
To drown myself and my thoughts in a dark abyss

I don't care about my life
All I wanna do is die
I don't wanna see the light
Unless it's God to say goodbye
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