"BACK 2 U"

[Verse 1: Ok2222]
Don't fight it, she don't wanna love
So I been falling down on the cold floor (cold floor)
I'm trying, but she don't wanna talk
So I been feeling down when I want more
And I'm tryna solve all her problems
But she takes and leaves me desperate
But I'll love you now, forever
'Cause I want you, I want you back, back, back, back

[Verse 2: Rosarrie]
Waiting for the right time
Never not have you on my mind
Keep you close and call you mine
Though we both know that's not right
Always wishing for more
More to say, so that I'm sure
Just say the words
I don't want the truth
Just call to me and I'll be next to you

[Chorus: Rosarrie]
Maybe we could move on
Away from this run-down town
That we spent so much timе living in
Maybe we could start somewhеre
That feels so much better
Just me and you, a dog maybe, yeah
Laying down while we watch the sky
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