Ayesha Erotica

"Structure & Habit"

In foster care
I was stealing iPods for tops to wear
Little b*tch!
Clingy like hell to my besties
Acting all grown and sexy
I was wrong for that
Wasting money on pills
My mother couldn't even pay off the phone bills
Fourteen hit like a brick
Ended up living at the Motel 6
I was feeling real mean
I should've stayed home and helped mama clean
But I was being a fiend
Snorting coke with the rich girls
Thinking I could make it happen in the rich world
Late nights
I cam on everything
Met my idols
Recorded a demo thing
First time spittin' lines in Loubs
Now it's the only thing I found time to do
Eighteen I'm free to just do me
But now my best friend's locked up down in OC
Went from a gram of weed to OZ's
Snorting this sh*t can get so lonely
When I dropped Big Juicy
Traveled around and let the whole world use me
Right before i bounce back up
Lookin' back now would make me crack up
Three years later with the bubble and sparks
Thanks for the love with all my heart
I don't wanna go yet but I gotta say see ya!
Yeah, that song's for Ayesha

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