Ayesha Erotica

"Rare Candy"

[Intro: Monopoly Phonic]
Princess Ayesha E and queen Monopoly Phonic
We're on it

[Verse 1: Monopoly Phonic]
I came to party, I'm dancing all night
Wearing the trainers, yeah, my dirty Nikes
I'm not working though, I got in for free
So don't even think about coming for me
Feeling my look, it's whatever I want
My trousers are baggy, my make-up on point
I'ma cross-dress and my waist is not cinched
I need to breathe when my candy kicks in

[Verse 2: Monopoly Phonic]
Ask me if I give a damn
Ask me if I give a f*ck
I don't always have sex in drag
But when I do, I always get my di*k sucked
By some guy who says he's straight
Then I c*m onto his face
Then he goes on a date with his girl
And she kiss him on the cheek
And I wonder if she can taste

[Pre-Chorus: Monopoly Phonic]
Met a girl in the bathroom said
"If you wanna take it to the next level, hun
Here, this will come in handy"
I'm about to be up all night
It's time to level up, yeah, b*tch you got the rare candy
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