Ayesha Erotica

"We Want c*nt (2015 Version)"

Ha ha ha
The Queen of the Beautifuls is back
Miss Ayesha, Internet Royalty
You all love me

Celebrities want me to do their hair and makeup
Girls hate me 'cause I’m the cause of their breakup
Diamond fingernails and eight-inch heels
N-words on death row request me for their last meals

Boys fess up, girls fess up
All coked up, we want c*nt!
Boys fess up, girls fess up
Actin' like sl*ts, we want c*nt!
(We want c*nt, Ayesha Erotica)

Asian tourists scream when I walk down thе street
They worship me like Jеsus, praying at my feet
Flashin' all their cameras takin’ pictures of me
Goin' to their surgeons, saying, "Make me look like Ayesha!"
I love di*k like Anna Nicole loves TrimSpa
Applying my lipstick while wearing JonBenet's training bra
Pink like my pus*y, hot like Ted Bundy
Ass up 'cause you miss me
b*tch, better have my money!
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