Ayesha Erotica

"Beauty Killer (Cover)"

If I can't be beautiful, I'd rather just die

[Verse 1]
So self-obsessed with my mascara and mistakes
Vanity's like a funeral, and everyone's at my wake
Before I run out of air, there's more makeup to apply
Doll eyes stare into valium colored skies

I got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth
You wanna be my licorice and misguided truth
And right now, I'll show you how
I'm a beauty killer

[Verse 2]
Rhinestone my eyes closed, and please fix my hair
This concealer can't hide all my pink nightmares
Before I run out of air, there's more makeup to apply
Doll eyes stare into valium colored skies

I almost died, but it felt great
Faking perfection wasn't worth the wait
I may be easy, easy to hate
But you're so f*cking easy, easy to break
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