The Roches

"Jesus shaves"

Jesus shaves, joins corporate
America, get’s laid off, grows his
Beard back, stays up late, sees a
Tv commercial about being a welder
Makes a phone call
Jesus shaves
Goes on an interview, does real well
He’s got a way with people, two years
On he’s still an apprentice, but not for
Long, it’s graduation
Jesus shaves
Put’s his best suit on, get’s a certificate
Makes it official, now he’s a welder
Wears a big helmet, and twice a week now
Jеsus shaves

Blessed arе the ones
Who make peace, blessed are the ones
Who scrape by, blessed are the ones
Living holy lives and here’s to the rest
Of us who try

Jesus shaves on Sunday
Morning, decides to go fishing after
Going to church, it’s wintertime, so he
Walks on water, digs a hole in the ice
And fishes for perch. Jesus shaves the
Scales of the fishes, has a few fillets
And a couple of brewskies, thinks about
The girl, Magdalena, in payroll, decides that
He’s gonna ask her out for dinner. Jesus
Shaves for work on Monday, goes to the
Office, gathers his courage, he’s still
Not sure just how he’s gonna ask her
Walks over to her desk and sees a picture
Of her boyfriend
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