What time it is?
Oh, it's 2:36 (Six), a.m. that is (a.m. that is)
Oh, it's f*ck sh*t hours


[Hook: Skuffle]
I could spin your block right now (Blr, blr, blr)
.223s turn the smiles, n*gga, into frowns (Frrrrrrrr)
How you get shot, n*gga, you had a gun on you (Blr, blr, blr)
When you got shot I bet you called your mama too (Called yo mama)
How it feel to get shot, n*gga, I don't know (I don't f*ckin' know)
If I get shot, know I'm applyin' a major smoke (I won't let it go)
AR-15, n*gga, and you know it got a scope (Got a scope)
Let them bullets rain, hope that n*gga brought a coat (Frrrrrrrr)
It's going to be turnup when I'm going, n*gga I ain't no hoe (Yes I'm goin')

[Verse 1: Skuffle]
We bringin' the sticks, we bringin' the johns, you know we bringin' the smoke
These n*ggas they pussies, [?], you know they bringin' the cops out (Cops out)
Leavin' a f*ck n*gga outside just like he was locked up (Locked up)
[?], we clean up and we makin' a mess (A mess)
f*ck n*gga thought these guns was fakes but we ain't bringin' the props out (For real)
He dressin' in blue and white, I guess that n*gga about to cop out
I ain't puttin' no money on your head, I ain't bringin' yo' racks out
Gotta get you my f*ckin' self, n*gga that's how I f*ckin' get done (Gon' get you myself)
Mama said, you gotta stop bein' a gangster one day, you goin' have to sit down (I did that already)
Robbed in front of his baby mama, told his b*tch to get down (Get down)
Got shooters outta state, n*gga you gettin' shot if you ain't in town
With smoke you might get gunned down, that stick gon' break a b*tch down
You is just like a clown now, this gun ain't gon' make a sound
I f*ck yo' b*tch I get rounds, I f*cked your kids right now
A dirty n*gga in town, just like a fan I go 'round
Don't need no f*ckin' Plan B, get shot, you playin' with me (Lil b*tch)
(Brr, brr
Brr, brr, brr, brr)
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