Let's have a moment of silence for everyone with a small di*k
Делит на бите, сука
Me and my friends don't have that problem
Stop lookin' at my di*k

My di*k is a bone, what you know about it? (Yeah)
Hit it with a stick or a stone 'til it's foam out it
Clench it with your teeth, I'm in so much motherf*ckin' pain (Ah)
Cut my f*ckin' toes off, this sh*t got me bustin' brains (Ah, ah)
I don't have no f*ckin' shame
Kick me in my testicles until I cannot procreate

[Bridge: BRUHMANEGOD & Jasiah]
di*ks off, di*ks off, di*ks off, ah (Turn it up right now, I don't even give a f*ck)
di*ks off, di*ks off, di*ks off

[Verse 2: Jasiah]
Put my di*k inside, gon' break your f*ckin' ribs, huh
Flaccid di*k inside your throat, feel like a jigsaw (Like a jigsaw)
Vomit on my di*k, think I'm too p*ssed off
Don't touch on my testicles, grip it (Grip it)
Stick a needle in my di*k tip (Ouch)
Treat these b*tches like a [?] (f*ck)
Suck my di*k until it twitchin' (f*ck, f*ck)
RipStik, b*tch, twist it (Twist)
Chew it up, Popeyes biscuit (Yeah)
Bend over, put my fist in (Ha)
Bend over, put my fist in (Yeah, yeah)

[Interlude: CXRPSE]
n*gga, what the f*ck?
Oh, sh*t, where'd the beat go, n*gga?

[Verse 3: CXRPSE]
di*k is up, now it's gettin' stuck
b*tch, I'm feelin' sus
I hate Haitian babies
I'm Jamaican, b*tch, what's up?
I was in the cell in Haiti
Cut off my di*k, I'm a lady (f*ck)
Gorilla grip my di*k
Bite it off, n*gga, don't spit (Please)
Ah, what the f*ck?
Ah, what the f*ck?

[Verse 4: Lil Darkie]
You give her money to laugh at your di*k, huh?
'Cause she thinks it's funny? It looks like a kid's
Told that b*tch to crush my nut sack until I f*ckin' jizz
I don't even want my nuts back
I don't wanna have no kids (f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck)
f*cking drumstick
I c*m when I get cussed at
He nutted, I might bust back
Covered in his c*m (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
My di*k, I should never have tried this
Should not have let her bite this, there's blood inside my bum, uh

[Outro: Lil Darkie, BRUHMANEGOD & Jasiah]
Yeah, uh, yeah
Blood inside me bum
I'm sorry but there, uh, seems to be blood inside me bum

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